Tuesday, 1 January 2019

welcome to a new year, a fresh start as they say. if you're like me, your notes app is full, or perhaps it's a journal that is full of possibilities. needless to say we have more ideas than we can count, and more than we think we can keep up with. i often find myself experiencing random bursts of creativity, yet i have a bad habit of never fully committing to the ideas that i come up with on these creative highs. this new year seems like the perfect excuse to make it my resolution to follow through with my ideas and be precisely that—new. achieve new goals, new experiences, new opportunities, new ideas, new creative ventures, and for me an entirely new chapter of life entering my twenties. sounds cliché, i know, but is it even more cliché of me to say that 2019 feels like its going to be different? i decided to write this post for those who may be experiencing similar struggles as i have when it comes to art—be it writers block, lack of motivation or simply not being able to meet your own perfectionist standards. here are a few ways i plan to stay inspired and keep up with my "resolution" this year:

start something new–this is one of my main goals for the year, to follow up with a new creative passion. writing, photography, drawing, sewing, painting, graphic design—you name it. it could even be starting one of the many of ideas in your notes. whatever you've been sitting on, or waiting for, just do the damn thing.

get your creative juices flowing, start a mood board—not only is this fun, but i believe in the power of manifestation and find this exercise incredibly motivating as you can visually see your goals.

follow likeminded individuals—this is SO important and can honestly change your entire mindset. fill your instagram, twitter, whatever feed with people who will constantly keep you inspired. do this in real life too of course, positive energy will make all the difference in your life. find other creative friends and feed off of each others energy, bounce ideas off of each other. be that person for someone else.

listen to music— this is HUGE. music is a major source of inspiration for SO many people, and so are films if you're anything like me.

do it for art's sake—don't overthink it or get lost in perfectionism, let art be art and just let it happen.

i already have a couple of exciting things lined up for the year, and an excessive amount of ideas to jump into which i'm pumped about—but there is also excitement in the unknown. the not knowing what possibilities may come with your new creative endeavours are.

at the end of this year, i hope to look back on this post feeling fulfilled and in a new creative state of mind, with new works of art to share. stay tuned to see what i come up with.

love, LAUR

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